This 4 day Workout Box is designed to keep you going before and after each workout. We based this box on one workout a day, but you do what suits you! Each juice and smoothie has been carefully chosen with recovery and protein in mind. Athletes and active adults are leaning more towards nutrient-dense foods to improve athletic performance. Diets rich in vegetables like beets are shown to have a significant impact on body functions during exercise.

Pre Workout

Your pre workout pack will include 1 x Fruity Juice or 1 x Green Juice and 1 x Beetroot Shot per workout

Nutritional Benefits: Cold pressed juices are said to energize and fuel the body more efficiently than almost any other food or drink on the planet, and their energizing properties can be helpful before a workout. It is suggested that drinking beetroot juice before a workout can boost performance, improve blood and oxygen flow to tired muscles, and increase endurance.

Post Workout

Your post workout pack will include 1 x Strawberry Smoothie or 1 x Berry Smoothie and 1 x Beetroot Shot, followed by 1 Coconut Protein Ball per workout

Nutritional Benefits: Berries contain antioxidants that help counter the toxins your body releases while exercising. They are said to reduce muscle pain and inflammation. Berries are said to contain complex complex carbohydrates and can help your body replenish its energy levels post workout.
Cinnamon is said to relieve muscle soreness and can help cognitive function in all athletes. Ginger can act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-pain agent which could reduce pain and soreness from a tough workout.


If you wanted to add in something substantial before your workout, you can include 1 x Peanut Butter Energy ball per workout to give you that energy boost without that heavy feeling! Add the Energy Balls to your basket!