This Taster Box includes one of every juice, smoothie and wellness shot we have to offer, as well as each of our bites to give you the full package of what we offer!

Made only with 100% real fruit and veg!

Includes: 1 x Orange Juice; 1 x Fruity Juice; 1 x Citrus Twist; 1 x Green Juice; 1 x Strawberry Smoothie; 1 x Mango Smoothie; 1 x Berry Smoothie; 1 x Apple & Charcoal Shot; 1 x Orange & Turmeric Shot; and 1 x Beetroot & Ginger Shot; 1 pk of Coconut Protein Balls; 1 pk of Peanut Butter Protein Balls; 1 x pk Chilli Cashew Nuts; 1 x pk Chocolate Peanuts

We are proud to be partnered with Love Irish Food