Smoothies and Juices are our thing!

We have developed custom cleanses that include not just juices, but smoothies and protein balls so you feel fuller for longer. All our juices and smoothies are made using 100% real fruit & veg! Choose your cleanse below, we have options for a 1 Day Cleanse, 3 Day Cleanse or 5 Day Cleanse!

1 Day Cleanse

Includes 3 juices, 3 smoothies, 3 wellness shots plus your choice of 2 protein or energy balls

3 Day Cleanse

Includes 9 juices, 9 smoothies, 9 wellness shots plus your choice of 6 protein or energy balls

5 Day Cleanse

Includes 15 juices, 15 smoothies, 15 wellness shots plus 10 protein or energy balls.

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Cleanses Options


Our cleanses are a great option for those who are looking to get their body in peak condition. If you would like to have a fridge full of goodness then this is the right choice for you. Our 1 day, 3 day and 5 day options give you a variety of delicious juices, smoothies and a choice of protein and/or energy balls per day


As with anything in life, preparation is key! To ensure the most successful cleanse possible, we always recommend preparing your body accordingly. Our Cleanse page offers a guideline on timings of when to consume your juices, smoothies, and protein balls to (try to) ensure you don’t get hungry throughout your cleanse. As a general rule, however we recommend in the day(s) leading up to your cleanse, begin to cut-out animal products, meats, refined/processed sugars, alcohol, coffee, etc., and completely avoid these items (if possible) the day before you cleanse. If you are craving a hot drink during your cleanse, opt for a herbal tea or a simple hot water and fresh lemon slice over a tea or coffee.