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School Lunches!

Trying to find an easy way to get your child’s five to seven-a-day into the lunch box?

We have the solution for you!

Our bottled juices and smoothies are like fruit undercover 🍓 🥸

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about preservatives, colourings, flavourings and blah, blah, blah – because all that’s in these bottles is fruit, cold-pressed fruit and nothing but cold-pressed fruit 🥭


Five to Seven-a-Day!

Our juices and smoothies count as one of your five to seven a day, so you can pop one into the lunch box & have one less to think about 😅



The Jump Juice mission is to leave as little impact on the planet as possible with what we do! As a result, we have sourced 100% recyclable material for our bottles. Get your child involved, ask them to wash it out at school & bring it home to pop into the recycling bin if there isn’t one at their school ♼

Alternatively, you can do something fun & sustainable with your kids and make a bird feeder when you’re finished with our bottled juices or smoothies!

Follow the link for a step by step guide on how to start feeding some birds:


Where to Buy

Our bottled smoothies and juices can be bought directly from us, here! 👉🏻

It couldn’t be easier – simply place your order once and you can opt to have the same order automatically delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and so on, directly to your home!

Or, if you’re in Dublin, we are now stocking our bottles Donnybrook Fair 🇮🇪



Don’t have the time to re-order your favourite juices and smoothies every week? Not to worry, we’ve got you!

Every time you place an order, you can subscribe to have that same order repeated however often you want without having to place the order yourself!

For more information follow this link:

Lunchbox fillers, every week or month without having to go out of your way! 🥳 


Tried, Tested & Loved by Kids!


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